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Ihenetu Stanley


The soil physicochemical parameter in Ohaji in Imo State, Nigeria was investigated using Ibeocha, Ekeugba, Awara, Mbirichi and Location as a case study. The result obtained from the soil analysis using standard methods shows that the concentrations of the heavy metals, Pb and Fe were highest in the soil from Ibeocha (0.045 ppm) and Mbirichi (0.126 ppm) which show the high rate of industrial activity and oil spill in those areas. There was no remarkable change in pH, but temperature followed the pattern of heavy metal concentration with acidic (lowest) values at the center. The cation exchange capacity of the soil sample from the location (14.066 ppm) shows that this soil sample has a lower contamination to compare to other soil samples from other location. Containment of the effects should be encouraged as soil from these sampling locations is contaminated due to the oil spill