Speaker Biography

Ahri Lee

R & D Director, APTechnologies, Korea

Title: The Monitoring System for Oil Pipeline

Ahri Lee


In this paper, we propose monitoring system for protecting oil pipeline using DAS(Distributed Acoustic Sensing) and FOC(Fiber Optic Cable).  DAS and FOC are based on the fact that outdoor events could change the amplitude or speed of signal propagation and is based on the Rayleigh backscattered light. TPI(Third Party Intrusion) including oil pipeline  theft produces an acoustic noise around the place of incidents.

In this proposed method, we installed FOC and oil pipeline the 150cm underground. And when TPI occurs, it can detect the location of event location in real time and quickly. 

 This method can create a specific feather as well as a specific pattern in monitoring system.

One of this advantages can detect long distance monitoring system. It can be monitored up to 70km oil pipeline. This system might protect oil pipeline from oil theft as well as TPI.

DAS technology expands the applications for fiber optics use in the oil and gas industry.