Speaker Biography

Aashish Panwar

University Of Petroleum and Energy Studies, India

Title: Preventing the extent of Oil Spills by the use of Biological Agents developed by using DNA Recombination Technology.

Aashish Panwar



It's an era of non-conventional resources. With increase in complication in drilling, and transportation of crude oil the need for Cutting edge technologies is growing at a high pace. The sole objective of the Paper is to make use of the modified microorganism (having altered DNA) to digest oil if accidentally Oil Spill occurs in order to reduce Environmental Pollution.


Oil Digesting Bacteria’s such as Thalassolituus olievorans and Neptumonas can reduce the fear of Oil Spill during the Transportation of Oil as these microorganisms can digest oil and break long chain of alkenes and convert it into CO2 and water.

The paper describes about the new approach that is based on combination of the DNA of Oliespira (Highly efficient deep sea oil digester that cannot work in saline conditions) and Neptumonas (Poor Oil Digester that can work in saline conditions). Using DNA Recombination Technique through which we can alter the DNA of the bacteria so that we can get single bacteria having both the desired characters (i.e. a bacteria containing both features of High efficiency and can work in saline water). These modified bacteria’s can be exploited by making the use of asexual reproduction and unfavourable conditions for increasing the no. of bacteria.


The modified bacteria having both the desired traits i.e. Digestion of Oil in sea water and deep sea levels will help in solving the problem of environmental pollution. The results would be mind boggling as a single microorganism would serve as the solution for various terms related to Oil Spill. The microorganism at normal or low temperature it will act as an Oil Digester which can work in sea water. With the use of these modified microorganisms we will be able to protect our environment and hence control extent of oil spill.


        Exemplary management and proper working of these genetically           modified bacteria’s would be a boost for the industry. With the use of these modified microorganisms (bacteria’s) we will be able to protect our environment and also avoid the harmful effects caused by the Oil Spills.